Some things to see before you die.

 Nothing. ItÕs over. Forget it.


        YouÕre my lizard in the dark\

  ThatÕs all you ever were

   ThatÕs all you ever are

     My lizard in the dark


Man ,. Love  that song, s oo good .


                  ItÕs a company. It makes pictures. Something to see         y     ou die.

                      ŌThe idea is that if you can get into the library Ķ

                           she told me ĶyouÕll find volumes thatĶ É   her voice drifted an d  



           IÕve been there. I found God.


            What happened, did ya lose em?

 55                       5

                    d-0jipo[k;fgP                 donÕ t be afraid

looks good


          jjhg^)gfhyou lunatic I toldthemevverythingjevyte45654yx888ififok


                            every thkj lingt heythrewat imju tbo uncd        off


             I told them everything I know and theyÕre still after me.               

             If you need to make contact, this may be the only safe way left:






it was a really bad fever, I couldnÕt make even a fist